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TASE Indices Most Active
Index   Value Change
TA-35 1,533.58
TA-125 1,390.61
TA-SME60 715.96
TA-SME150 1,043.83
TA-Growth 1,359.16
TA-Maala 1,603.09
Tel Bond-CPI Linked MaalaSRI 337.15
Tel Bond-Shekel MaalaSRI 377.80
Tel-Bond 20 347.97
Tel-Bond 60 336.61
Turnover (NIS thousands) 1,547,398
  As of 18/01/2018
Latest Messages
PennantPark Management Opens Trading at the TASE to Mark Dual Listing and Bond Issue
Holmes Place Group’s Management Rang the Bell to Open This Morning’s Trading on TASE to Mark the IPO of the Company’s Shares
Aspen Group’s Management Opened the Trading This Morning to Mark the 25th Anniversary of the Company’s Listing on the TASE
On the Occasion of an Offering of the Company’s Shares on the TASE, El-Mor Electricity’s Management Rang the Bell to Open This Morning’s Trading
The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) to Grant an Activity Period Exemption to Infrastructure Investment companys, Similar to the Exemption Currently Granted to REIT Funds
The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Launches for the first time Series of Long dated TA-35 Index Derivatives
Three Shares Traded on TASE Join Today Israeli Global Hi-Tech Companies Index: TA-BIGITech®
TASE Launches a New Cross-Sector Equity Index
To Mark the Listing of its Shares and Bonds, the Yaacobi Group’s Management Rang the Bell to Open this Morning’s Trading
Israel Innovation Authority Executives Rang the Bell to Open this Morning’s Trade – Marking the 1st Anniversary to its Establishment
The TASE Nominee Company is Getting Started and Will Commence Operations on January 1, 2018
This Morning the Ringing of the Opening Bell Took Place as Part of the Maala International Conference for promoting Corporate Social Responsibility
Yehuda van der Walde, CPA, Joins TASE Management as Executive Vice President, CFO
In a First, TASE Rolls Out Incentive Program to encourage Liquidity in TA-35 Index Derivatives
Opening Bell Ceremony at TASE Kicks Off Global Entrepreneurship Week, running in 165 Countries
For the First Time, TASE Launches Bond Indices of Companies Selected for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Tel Bond-CPI Linked Maala And Tel Bond-Shekel Maala
Management of FOX Group Opened Trading to mark the 15TH Anniversary of its TASE Listing